Enhance your coverage.

United Mutual focuses considerable effort on providing great claims service to our customers. But isn’t it just as important to help customers avoid the inconvenience and cost of having a claim in the first place? Of course. So, we’ve begun assembling a collection of tools to help our customers prevent or mitigate mishaps on the road or at home. Now that’s real value.

Beyond Insurance

EcoNet - keep your home dry with the EcoNet Bulldog water valve robot

The EcoNet Bulldog is a proactive solution that easily installs over an existing ball valve; no special tools or plumbing work are required. It detects a leak and turns off the water automatically. It's also compatible with many smart home controllers and home security systems.

Ting - proactive fire safety

A fire impacting your home can be a devastating experience. United Mutual is helping you keep your home safe from electrical fires with our partnership with Whisker Labs, the makers of Ting. This smart sensor monitors your home for electrical fire hazards. If a hazard is detected, members receive a service credit towards repair or remediation.

bolt Protect - smartphone protection plan for the whole family

bolt Protect provides smartphone device coverage for screen cracks,
liquid damage, accidental damage and mechanical failures. We designed this program to give members peace of mind and ensure that they quickly and easily get reconnected to their digital life with convenient repair and replacement options.

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