How can I submit a claim?

You can file your claim online, with our mobile app, by calling our 24/7 loss reporting center at 888-895-7725, or through your independent agent.

Can I submit a claim online?

Policyholders can conveniently file a claim online by logging into their 360access account. By filing through 360access, you will receive additional details on what to expect during your claim and, when filing a glass-only claim, you can schedule your glass repair and replacement.

How do I know if a loss is covered?

A specialized claim representative will be assigned to your claim to help simplify the process for you. They will review your claim details and policy to determine what is covered.

Where can I find the current status of my claim?

Claim status can be obtained by contacting your dedicated claim representative. Policyholders can find the status of their claim online by logging into their 360access account.

Will submitting a claim increase my future premiums?

Each policyholder’s future premium is determined by many factors. Some are very specific to the individual policyholder — recent losses, changes in coverage such as a different vehicle, age of driver(s) and location of insured property. Other factors are more general and apply to all policyholders — these may include increasing repair or materials costs, increased frequency or severity of losses among all of our customers, and other broad market conditions that impact all insurance customers. These broader cost increases do not necessarily reflect an individual policyholder’s loss history with the company, but they do result in increased costs that are divided among all of our policyholders, which may be difficult to understand. To mitigate cost increases as much as possible, we offer a large number of discounts that allow an individual policyholder to keep their insurance costs as affordable as possible. Your local agent can help identify all of the discounts for which you may qualify, and can offer additional recommendations to make your insurance coverage as affordable as possible.